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Orthographic and Phonemic បាញ់
WT romanisation bañ
(standard) IPA(key) /ɓaɲ/

Etymology 1Edit

From Angkorian Old Khmer pañ, from Proto-Mon-Khmer *paɲʔ (to shoot). Cognate with Halang pĕng, Mon ပန်, Pacoh pánh, Vietnamese bắn and Central Nicobarese [Nancowry] fòin (crossbow).


បាញ់ (bañ) (abstract noun ការបាញ់)

  1. to shoot (a bow or gun), fire (a weapon) at, to aim at
  2. to kill by shooting
  3. to hunt
  4. to strike (said of lightning)
  5. to spin the kind of dice called អាប៉ោង (aapaoŋ)
  6. to direct (e.g. one's attention)
  7. to squirt, spray
  8. to shoot up (water, as a geyser), spurt up (like a geyser), bubble up, boil up

Derived termsEdit

Etymology 2Edit

Borrowed from Vietnamese bánh (cake, pastry).


បាញ់ (bañ)

  1. cake, pastry
  2. plug of tobacco