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  1. (transitive) to remain ignorant of; to not know or learn
    • c. 2353 BCE – 2323 BCE, Pyramid Texts of Unas — south wall of the antechamber, line 10–11, spell 262.1:[1]
      ḏd-mdw m ḫm wnjs nṯr sṯ ṯw rḫ.t(j) sw sṯ sw rḫ ṯw
      Recitation: Do not be ignorant of Unas, o god, since you know him, since he knows you.



Derived termsEdit

Proper nounEdit


 m./f. topo.

  1. Letopolis
    • c. 1550 BCE – 1295 BCE, Great Hymn to Osiris (Stela of Amenmose, Louvre C 286) lines 1–2:
      špss kꜣ pw ḫnt(j) ḏdw wr ẖrt m ḫm nb hnw m ꜥnḏtj ḫnt(j) ḏf(ꜣ) m jwnw
      He is noble of ka, this foremost one of Busiris, great of possessions in Letopolis, possessor of acclaim in (the nome of) Anedjti, foremost of provisions in Heliopolis, […]

Alternative formsEdit


  • English: Khem


  1. ^ Allen, James (2013) A New Concordance of the Pyramid Texts, volume III, Providence: Brown University, PT 262.1 (Pyr. 327a), W