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かいり (rōmaji kairi)

  1. 乖離: deviation, divergence; estrangement, alienation
  2. 解離: separation, coming apart; (medicine) detachment; (medicine, engineering) dissociation
  3. 回鯉, 回李, 廻李: (poetic, rare) a return letter, a written reply
  4. 懐裏, 懐裡: the futokoro, the pocket-like space within the front of a kimono above the obi; the inside of the futokoro; the inside of one's heart or mind
  5. 海狸: alternate term for ビーバー (bībā, beaver)
  6. 海里, : a nautical mile


かいりする (rōmaji kairi suru)

  1. 乖離: to deviate, to diverge; to become estranged or alienated, to lose touch
  2. 解離: to separate, to come apart; (medicine) to detach; (medicine, engineering) to dissociate
  3. 回鯉, 回李, 廻李: (poetic, rare) to send a return letter, to reply in writing