Alternative spelling


/sen/ → */zen//zeni/

Shift from (sen),[1][2] itself from Middle Chinese (MC d͡ziᴇn).



ぜに (zeni

  1. a round coin with a square hole in the middle
    Synonyms: 鵝眼 (gagan), 鵝目 (gamoku), 鳥目 (chōmoku)
  2. (by extension) money
    Synonyms: お足 (oashi), (kane), 金銭 (kinsen), 要脚 (yōkyaku), 料足 (ryōsoku)
  3. (historical) in the Edo period, coins made from copper and iron, as opposed to those made of gold and silver
  4. a 家紋 (family crest) with various designs of round coins

Derived termsEdit

Proper nounEdit

ぜに (Zeni

  1. : a surname


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