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Spellings of this term
Hiragana ため


⟨tame2 → */taməj//tame/

From Old Japanese, attested alongside with ta.



ため (rōmaji tame)

  1. advantage, benefit
  2. after a particle (ga) or (no):
    1. cause, reason
      Synonym: (yue)
    2. objective, sake
      kimi no tame ni
      for you; because of you; for your sake
      “piano no tame ni”
      "for the piano" (i.e. in European classical music)
      • 2007 October 20, Izawa, Hiroshi; Yamada, Kotaro, “だい40 えないほのお [Chapter 40: The Undying Flame]”, in ファイアーエムブレム 覇者の剣 [Fire Emblem: Sword of Champions], volume 5 (fiction), Jump Remix edition, Tokyo: Shueisha, →ISBN, pages 134–135:
        ゼフィール (おう)  (ぼく) ()けない 祖国 (リキア) (ぼく)らの (しょう) () (ねが)っている (ひと) (たち)のために ともに (わら)いともに ()き ともに (たたか)ってきた (なか) () (たち)のために  (いのち) ()けて (つるぎ) (たく)してくれたアルのために
        Zefīru Ō boku wa makenai Rikia de bokura no shōri o negatte iru hito-tachi no tame ni Tomo ni warai tomo ni naki tomo ni tatakatte kita nakama-tachi no tame ni Inochi o kakete tsurugi o taku shite kureta Aru no tame ni
        King Zephiel, I will not lose. For all the people who are praying for our triumph in our homeland Lycia. For all the comrades with whom I’ve fought, with whom I’ve shared laughter and tears. And for Alle, who risked his life to get me this sword‼
  3. affecting, concerning, regarding
Usage notesEdit

This term is often spelled in hiragana.

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Proper nounEdit

ため (shinjitai kanji, kyūjitai kanji , rōmaji Tame)

  1. a surname


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