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Etymology 1Edit

For pronunciation and definitions of のう – see the following entries.
[noun]agriculture, farming
[noun]a farmer
[noun]Noh, a form of classical Japanese musical drama.
[noun]Ability, capacity, aptitude.
[noun]Effect, use.
[noun](anatomy) brain
[noun](figuratively) one's brains, one's mental functioning
(This term, のう, is the hiragana spelling of several Sino-Japanese terms.)
For a list of all kanji with on'yomi のう, not just those used in Sino-Japanese terms, see Category:Japanese kanji with on reading のう.

Etymology 2Edit

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のう (rōmaji , historical hiragana なう)

  1. (sentence-final) Used to express exclamation.
    不思議 (ふしぎ)じゃのう
    Fushigi ja .
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