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See also: 一言为定


one sentence; something to say; brief remark
because of; for; to; act as; be; to be; to do; to serve as; to become
to set; to fix; to determine; to decide; to stabilise; to order
trad. (一言為定) 一言
simp. (一言为定) 一言




  1. that's settled then; it's a deal
    咱們卡拉OK好的一言為定 [MSC, trad.]
    咱们卡拉OK好的一言为定 [MSC, simp.]
    Jiǎ: zánmen qù kǎlāOK ba. Yǐ: hǎode, yīyánwèidìng! [Pinyin]
    A: Let's go to a karaoke bar. B: OK, it's a deal.