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front, forepart; in front; past
front, forepart; in front; past; former; previous; last; before; preceding; earlier; ago; future; time ahead; first; top; battlefront; to move forward
to carry; to lift; to put forward
to carry; to lift; to put forward; (upwards character stroke); lifting (brush stroke in painting); to mention; carry (suspended)
trad. (前提)
simp. #(前提)
alternative forms 前題前题
anagram 提前

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  1. (logic) premise
  2. prerequisite; precondition; presupposition
    ……前提  ―  zài...... qiántí xià  ―  conditional upon...

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  • (prerequisite):

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Kanji in this term
Grade: 2
Grade: 5

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(ぜん)(てい) (zentei

  1. prerequisite
    • 1983, 工藤紀夫 Kudō Norio, 基本定石 再点検 Basic joseki: reinspection, in レッツ碁 1983(3), p23
      △ ya A no kuroishi ga kono jōseki no zentei.
      A black stone at A or △ is a prerequisite for this joseki.

References edit

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