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Kanji in this term
Grade: 6
Alternative spellings 吾が
Kanji in this term

Grade: 6


Originally a compound of (wa, I, me, archaic) +‎ (ga, particle). Now fossilized into a single term.[1] Note that in modern Japanese is used as the nominative or subject particle; in ancient Japanese, it was used as a possessive particle between two nouns, a usage still seen in some limited phrases, particularly in place names.



我が (hiragana わが, rōmaji waga)

  1. (archaic, now literary) my
     () (つま)waga tsumamy wife
    • 2014 November 7, “おうごんのたてがみのジャザル [Jazal Goldmane]”, in 統率者 [Commander], Wizards of the Coast:
       () (おう)として、あの (かた) (わたし) (ゆう) () (げん) (せん)である。 () (あに)として、あの (かた) (わたし) (がん) (ぼう) (たい) (げん)する (もの)である。
      Waga ō toshite, ano kata wa watashi no yūki no gensen de aru. Waga ani toshite, ano kata wa watashi no ganbō o taigensuru mono de aru.
      As my king, he is the source of my courage. As my elder brother, he is the embodiment of my aspirations.
  2. (archaic, now literary) our
     () (くに)waga kuniour country

Usage notesEdit

This is a fossilized phrase, and usage is somewhat restricted. Carries old-fashioned connotations, and suggests a favorable view of the following noun. When used in reference to an organization, the speaker must be a member of that organization.

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