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Etymology edit

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Pronunciation edit

Noun edit

(たん)(てい) (tantei

  1. a detective (person employed to find information)
    Synonym: ディテクティブ (ditekutibu)
    • 2007 March 15, Gosho Aoyama, “ブラック・スターの(まき)(ぜん)(ぺん)”, in まじっく(かい)() (まじっく(かい)()), volume 4 (fiction), Tokyo: Shogakukan, →ISBN, page 84:
      Nan na n da o-mae wa⁉
      Wh-Who the hell are you⁉
      Kudō Shin'ichi… Tantei desu yo…
      Kudō Shin’ichi… I’m a detective
  2. a spy
    Synonyms: 隠密 (onmitsu), スパイ (supai), 密偵 (mittei)

Derived terms edit

Descendants edit

  • Korean: 탐정 (tamjeong)

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Verb edit

(たん)(てい)する (tantei surusuru (stem (たん)(てい) (tantei shi), past (たん)(てい)した (tantei shita))

  1. to covertly investigate

Conjugation edit

References edit

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Korean edit

Hanja in this term

Noun edit

探偵 (tamjeong or McCune-Reischauer: t'amjŏng or Yale: thamceng) (hangeul 탐정)

  1. Hanja form? of 탐정.