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to meet; to gather; group; to assemble; association; be able to; be likely to; to balance an account; accounting
go through; know well; to connect; to communicate; open
trad. (會通)
simp. (会通)




  1. (Hokkien) to be able to do something; can
  2. (Hokkien) to be permitted to do something; may


Dialectal synonyms of 可以 (“can; may”) [map]
Variety Location Words
Classical Chinese , 可以,
Formal (Written Standard Chinese) , 可以,
Mandarin Beijing 可以, , 能夠
Taiwan 可以, , 能夠
Cantonese Guangzhou 可以,
Hong Kong 可以,
Taishan 可以
Hakka Miaoli (N. Sixian) 做得
Liudui (S. Sixian) 做得, 可以, 使得
Hsinchu (Hailu) 做得
Dongshi (Dabu) 使得, 做得
Hsinchu (Raoping) 做得
Yunlin (Zhao'an) 會用
Min Dong Fuzhou 會使
Min Nan Xiamen 會使, 會當, 會做, 會用, 會用得, 會得, 會得通, 會通,
Quanzhou 會做, 會做得, 會用, 會用得, 會得, 會得通, 會通,
Zhangzhou 會使, 會當, 會用, 會用得, 會得, 會得通, 會通,
Taipei 會使, 會當, 會做得 mT, 會得 mT, 會得通 mT, mT
Kaohsiung 會用得, 會使, 會當
Tainan 會用得, 會使, 會當
Taichung 會用得, 會使得
Hsinchu 會用得, 會使
Lukang 會使, 會當
Sanxia 會使, 會當
Yilan 會使, 會當
Kinmen 會使, 會當
Magong 會使, 會當
Penang , 會使
Philippines (Manila) 會做, 會用, 會用得, 會做得
Note mT - mainstream Taiwan (no particular region identified)