For pronunciation and definitions of – see 阿彌陀如來.
(This term, 阿弥陀如来, is the simplified form of 阿彌陀如來.)


Kanji in this term
Jinmeiyō Grade: S Jinmeiyō Grade: S Grade: 2


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Particularly: “阿弥陀如来 comes from Middle Chinese, with the portion before 如來 ‎(njo loj) ultimately deriving from Sanskrit as the name of the entity; needs researching.”

Proper nounEdit

阿弥陀如来 ‎(hiragana あみだにょらい, romaji Amida Nyorai)

  1. (religion, Buddhism) Amida Nyorai: the Western Buddha, Amitābha, one of the Five Dhyani Buddhas

Coordinate termsEdit

The 五智如来 ‎(Go Chi Nyorai, Five Dhyani Buddhas) and associated directions are:

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