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๐‘„– U+11116, 𑄖
โ† ๐‘„•
Chakma ๐‘„— โ†’

Chakma edit

Letter edit

๐‘„– (tฤ)

  1. A letter of the Chakma alphabet.

Pali edit

Alternative forms edit

Adjective edit


  1. Chakma script form of ta, (demonstrative) that

Usage notes edit

The case form ๐‘„–๐‘„˜๐‘„ด (tad) is only used before vowels and as the prefixed combining form. ๐‘„–๐‘„ (taแนƒ) is also used as the prefixed combining form.

Declension edit

Pronoun edit

๐‘„–ย m

  1. he, it, that one

Declension edit

Pronoun edit

๐‘„–ย n

  1. it
    • c. 450 AD, Buddhaghosa, Visuddhimagga; extract republished as Zachary Scheuren, Proposal to encode CHAKMA LETTER VAA for Paliโ€Ž[1] (PDF), 2019, page 2:
      ๐‘„–๐‘„–๐‘„ณ๐‘„ข๐‘„‚๐‘„ ๐‘„ ๐‘…‡๐‘„Œ๐‘„š๐‘„–๐‘„ด๐‘„—๐‘„ฎ๐‘… ๐‘„Œ๐‘„ข๐‘„š๐‘„ด๐‘„–๐‘„จ ๐‘„–๐‘„ฅ๐‘„ด๐‘„Ÿ๐‘„จ๐‘„ ๐‘„ฅ๐‘„ฉ๐‘„ฃ๐‘„ฌ๐‘„ฅ๐‘„ช ๐‘„›๐‘„ข๐‘„จ๐‘„›๐‘„ซ๐‘„ข๐‘„‡๐‘„‚๐‘„ข๐‘„จ๐‘„–๐‘„‚๐‘„  ๐‘„›๐‘…‡๐‘„–๐‘„ด๐‘„–๐‘„š๐‘„ด๐‘„–๐‘„ฉ๐‘„–๐‘„จ ๐‘„Œ๐‘„‚๐‘„ข๐‘„จ๐‘„–๐‘„ด๐‘„–๐‘„๐‘… ๐‘…‡๐‘„‚๐‘„ข๐‘„จ๐‘„–๐‘„ ๐‘„–๐‘„‚๐‘„ ๐‘„š๐‘„ด๐‘„–๐‘„จ ๐‘„ข๐‘„‡๐‘„ด๐‘„ˆ๐‘„š๐‘„ด๐‘„–๐‘„จ ๐‘„–๐‘„ฌ๐‘„š๐‘„‚๐‘„–๐‘„จ ๐‘…‡๐‘„‚๐‘„ข๐‘„จ๐‘„–๐‘„ด๐‘„–๐‘„๐‘…
      tatrฤyaแนƒ vacanattho. caranti tasmiแนƒ sฤซlesu paripลซrakฤritฤya pavattantฤซti cฤrittaแนƒ. vฤritaแนƒ tฤyanti rakkhanti tenฤti vฤrittaแนƒ.
      Here, this is the meaning of the words: cฤritta: "They behave within that, they proceed fulfilling the virtues"; vฤritta: "They protect against what is avoided, they guard against it"

Usage notes edit

The case form ๐‘„–๐‘„˜๐‘„ด (tad) is only used before vowels and as a prefixed combining form. The form ending in niggahita is also used as combining form.

Declension edit