Lao edit

Etymology edit

Cognate with Thai ตะ (dtà).

Pronunciation edit

  • (Vientiane) IPA(key): [taʔ˧˥]
  • (Luang Prabang) IPA(key): [taʔ˩˨]
  • Hyphenation: ຕະ
  • Rhymes: -aʔ

Verb edit

ຕະ (ta) (abstract noun ການຕະ)

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Pali edit

Alternative forms edit

Adjective edit


  1. (demonstrative) Lao script form of ta ("that")

Usage notes edit

The case form ຕັທ (tad) is only used before vowels and as the prefixed combining form. When this form precedes a word starting with a vowel, the letter o (ອ) is dropped and mai kan becomes sign a.

Declension edit

Pronoun edit

ຕະ m

  1. Lao script form of ta ("he, it")
    • 1943, Phaya Luang Maha Sena (Phouy), Learn fast to read Tham characters in Pali Texts [ແບບຣຽນໄວ ເຫຼັ້ມສອງ ຣຽນອ່ານໝັງສືທັມ ຂຽນເປັນພາສາບາລີ]‎[1], 2nd edition (PDF; overall work in Lao), Buddhist Institute, archived from the original on 4 April 2016, page 45:
      ອິຕິປິ ໂສ ພະຄະວາ* ອະຣະຫັງ ສັມມາສັມ-
      ພຸທໂທ຺ ວິຊຊາຈະຣະນ຺ະສັມປັນໂນ ສຸຄະໂຕ ໂລ-
      ກະວິທູ ອະນຸຕຕະໂຣ ປຸຣິສະທັມມະສາຣະຖິ ສັຕຖາ
      ເທວ* ມະນຸສສານັງ ພຸທໂທ຺ ພ຺ະຄະວາຕິ—
      itipi so bhaɡavā arahaṃ sammāsambuddho vijjācaraṇasampanno sugato lokavidū anuttaro purisadammasārathi satthā devamanussānaṃ buddho bhagavāti.
      Surely, he is a blessed one, an arahat, correctly and completely enlightened, endowed with knowledge and good behaviour, faring well, knowing the universe, an unequalled driver of men who need taming, teacher of gods and men, a buddha, the Blessed One.
      * Ought to be ພ຺ະຄະວາ & ເທວະ; transliteration and translation are as though spelt thus.

Declension edit

As for the masculine of the adjective.

Pronoun edit

ຕະ n

  1. Lao script form of ta ("it")
    • (Can we date this quote?), Laobounkird, Anisongfree[2] (overall work in Lao), published 2015:
      ພາຫຸງ ສະຫັດສະມະພິນິມມິຕະສາວຸທັນຕັງຄະລີເມຂະລັງ ອຸທິຕະໂຄລະສະເສນະມາລັງທານາທິທັມມາວິທິນາ ຊິຕະວາ ມຸນິນໂທຕັນເຕຊະສາ ພະວະຕຸ ເຕ ຊະຍະມັງຄະລານິ ຯ
      bāhuṃ sahassamabinimmitasāvudantaṅɡalīmekhalaṃ uditaɡolasasenamālaṃdānādidammāvidinā jitavā munindotantejasā bavatu te jayamaṅɡalāni
      With ambiguities resolved:
      bāhuṃ sahassamabhinimmitasāvudhantaṅɡarīmekhalaṃ uditaɡhorasasenamāraṃdānādidhammāvidhinā jitavā munindotantejasā bhavatu te jayamaṅɡalāni
      The lord of the sages has subdued terrible Mara, who had created a thousand beweaponed arms, was accompanied by his army and was mounted on Girimekhala, by reason of giving and so forth. May you have the blessings of success by the power of this.

Declension edit

As for the neuter of the adjective.