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-hem is the Tosk and Standard Albanian variant of the Gheg personal suffix -hna (I, me). Compound of mediopassive marker h + -em (I, me) personal suffix. Indicating 1st person singular (mediopassive, present). Used the same way as Greek verb and personal suffix "-μαι/-mai" (also 1st pers., sg., mediopassive, indicative, present). See Albanian -em for more.

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  1. suffix used for 1st person singular (mediopassive voice) - indicative, present form. Not used for verbs ending with h- (such as shpreh, eh, etc.; in this case suffix -em is used)
  2. Forms verbs in mediopassive voice from active voice
    active bëj (I do, make, appear) + -hemmediopassive bëhem (I become, turn into)
  3. Forms mediopassive verbs from adjectives
    adjective shkurt (short) + o-stem + -hemmediopassive verb shkurtohem (I become shorter)

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