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From archaic and dialectal bënj (to make appear; do, make), from Proto-Albanian *banja, from Proto-Indo-European *bʰh₂-n-yé-ti, from *bʰeh₂- (shine) (compare Greek φαίνομαι (faínomai, to seem, appear).[1]

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Verb edit

bëj (aorist bëra, participle bërë)

  1. to do, make
  2. to act as if (in use with si (as if, like) - appear meaning in mediopassive voice)
  3. to create, form
  4. to let out (a noise, sound)
  5. to earn / cost / be (worth) (in use and associated with money and price)
    Sa lekë bën?
    How much Lekë (cost) is it?
    Sa lekë i bën?
    How much Lekë do you earn?

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References edit

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Further reading edit

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  • [2] mediopassive bëhem • "Fjalor Shqip" ('Albanian Dictionary')