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  1. Marks ordinals written in digits when the final term of the spelled number is "second"
    2nd grade; 42nd Street

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(This etymology is missing or incomplete. Please add to it, or discuss it at the Etymology scriptorium.) Compare Finnish -nti.

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-nd (genitive -ndi, partitive -ndit)

  1. Derives nouns from other nouns or verbs
    kiri "text" → kirjand "essay"
    olema "to be" → olend "creature"
    näide "example" → näidend "play"
Declension edit
Declension of -nd (ÕS type 2/õpik, no gradation)
singular plural
nominative -nd -ndid
accusative nom.
gen. -ndi
genitive -ndite
partitive -ndit -ndeid
illative -ndisse -nditesse
inessive -ndis -ndites
elative -ndist -nditest
allative -ndile -nditele
adessive -ndil -nditel
ablative -ndilt -nditelt
translative -ndiks -nditeks
terminative -ndini -nditeni
essive -ndina -nditena
abessive -ndita -nditeta
comitative -ndiga -nditega
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Etymology 2 edit

A reduction of -nud.

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  1. (informal) Alternative form of -nud
    Ma ei käind eile poes.
    I didn't go to the store yesterday.
    Mees on õppind.
    The man has studied.
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