IPA(key): /ˈbalɐman/

Etymology 1Edit

From colloquial ballern (to bang, to shoot) and Mann (man).


Ballermann m (genitive Ballermanns or Ballermannes, plural Ballermänner)

  1. (slang) handgun
    Synonyms: Knarre (informal), Wumme (informal), Handfeuerwaffe (formal)
  2. (humorous, rare) footballer (soccer player)

Etymology 2Edit

The beach at Palma where the term originated

Corrupted from Balneario No. 6 (from Spanish balneario (spa)), a beach restaurant in Palma, stereotypically frequented by German tourists. Influenced by etymology 1 (esp. as ballern can also mean “to booze”) and possibly also by Balearen, the (German) name of the island group as a whole. Popularised by the 1997 comedy film Ballermann 6.


Ballermann m (genitive Ballermanns or Ballermannes, no plural)

  1. (colloquial) the beach restaurant Beach Club Six (formerly Balneario No. 6) in Palma.
  2. (colloquial) that part of Palma de Majorca characterised by party tourism, typically frequented by German tourists, stereotypically associated with unrefined behaviour and liberal consumption of alcohol.
  3. (colloquial, by extension) any beach vacation area that can be characterised in the above way
  4. (colloquial, humorous, rare) an (unrefined) German tourist.

Usage notesEdit

  • Usually takes the local preposition an, i.e. am Ballermann for the location, an den Ballermann for motion towards it.
  • The term has been trademarked in Germany in 1994. Protection extends until at least 2027.

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