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Borrowing from French beige.


  • uninflected: IPA(key): /beːʃ/, /bɛːʃ/
  • inflected: IPA(key): /beːʒə/, /bɛːʒə/, /beːʃə/, /bɛːʃə/


Beige n

  1. beige (uninflected, the colour as such)
    Wer würde schon Beige als seine Lieblingsfarbe bezeichnen?
    Who would say that beige is their favourite colour?
  2. beige (inflected, nominalised form of the adjective beige)
    Wir wohnen in dem weißen Haus. Das Beige gehört meiner Schwester.
    We live in that white house. The beige one is my sister's.

Usage notesEdit

The word Beige has two pronunciations because its basic forms ends in a mute -e. Therefore the inflectional ending -e is not visible in writing.

Related termsEdit