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  1. π’€€π’€π’‰Œπ’…–
  2. π’Œ‘π’ŠŒ
  3. π’Œ…π’–π’£π’…–
  4. π’‹Όπ’‚Šπ’ƒ·
  5. -𒉑
  6. π’€­π’‹«π’‹«π’€­
  7. π’†œπ’€Έ
  8. π’‰Ώπ’€€π’‹»
  9. 𒁄𒄭𒅖
  10. π’€€π’€€π’Š
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  1. π’€€π’€Šπ’‰Ί
  2. π’‚Šπ’€‰π’ˆͺ
  3. π’„Ώπ’„Ώπ’€€π’‹«π’‹«
  4. π’„©π’‰Ίπ’€€
  5. π’†·π’€€π’ˆ π’€­
  6. π’‚Šπ’Œπ’£
  7. π’„€π’ˆ π’€­
  8. 𒄩𒀸𒋼𒅕𒍝
  9. π’Ίπ’Œ“π’‹»π’Š‘π’„Ώπ’€€π’‹Ύπ’„Ώπ’€€π’€Έ
  10. 𒅖𒉺𒀭𒍝

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Terms in Hittite that originate from the Proto-Indo-European language.


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