Category:la:Days of the week

Latin names of specific the days of the week.

NOTE: This is a name category. It should contain names of specific days of the week, not merely terms related to days of the week, and should also not contain general terms for types of days of the week.

The classical system by which the days of the week were named after gods or celestial bodies is first attested in the Anthologia of Vettius Valens, circa 170 CE:

  1. diēs Sōlis (day of the sun, Sunday)
  2. diēs Lūnae (day of the moon, Monday)
  3. diēs Mārtis (day of Mars, Tuesday)
  4. diēs Mercuriī (day of Mercury, Wednesday)
  5. diēs Iovis (day of Jupiter/Jove, Thursday)
  6. diēs Veneris (day of Venus, Friday)
  7. diēs Saturnī (day of Saturn, Saturday)

An alternative naming scheme without pagan connotations, ascribed to Pope Sylvester I (reigned 314–35 CE), was adopted by the Catholic Church and is used in ecclesiastical contexts:

  1. diēs Dominica (day of the Lord, Sunday)
  2. fēria secunda (second weekday, Monday)
  3. fēria tertia (third weekday, Tuesday)
  4. fēria quārta (fourth weekday, Wednesday)
  5. fēria quīnta (fifth weekday, Thursday)
  6. fēria sexta (sixth weekday, Friday)
  7. sabbatum (Sabbath, Saturday)