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  • Rhymes: -aːt


Kamerad m (genitive Kameraden, plural Kameraden)

  1. (military) comrade, a fellow soldier
  2. comrade, a fellow, a companion
  3. (colloquial) a guy, a fellow
  4. (slang) a neo-nazi, a right-wing extremist

Usage notesEdit

  • Does not carry the association with socialism or communism that 'comrade' has in English. (See Genosse for the German æquivalent.)
  • On the contrary, due to its primary usage as a military term, it is used a term of address among right wing groups and can be used as a moniker for their members. However, the association is not inherent to the word itself, which is a neutral term in regular usage, but rather understood from context.
  • Kamerad has historically been used as a truce or surrender word.


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