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Attested as a noun in Middle English as phenicienes (only plural); from Ancient Greek Φοῖνιξ (Phoînix, Phoenician).

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Phoenician (not comparable)

  1. Of, from, or related to the country or civilisation of Phoenicia.

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  1. The Semitic language spoken by the inhabitants of Phoenicia.

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Phoenician (plural Phoenicians)

  1. (historical) An inhabitant of Phoenicia (a country located on the shores of North Africa and the eastern Mediterranean Sea around the year 1000 BCE).
  2. An inhabitant of Phoenix, Arizona.
    • 2007 28 July–3 August, "Phoenix: Into the ashes: A city that once won prizes is now a crime-ridden mess", in The Economist, The Economist Newspaper Ltd, ISSN 0013-0613, volume 384, number 8539, page 33,
      Locals also moan that Phoenicians are becoming more antisocial.

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