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# ‎(English symbol name number sign or hash or pound sign or octothorpe)

  1. (set theory) The cardinality of a set.
    #{ 5, 3, 7, 11 } = 4
  2. (computing) The hash character
  3. (Internet) Used in URLs, links to an anchor in the page.
    http://www.example.com/index.html#chapter14 goes to the "chapter14" anchor in the index.html page.
  4. (mathematics, computer science) concatenation
  5. Alternative form of
  6. (chess notation) checkmate
  7. (Usenet) Used to pad the left side of a quotation from a manual or official source.
  8. (cartography) Used to denote a village.
  9. (syntax) Used to indicate that a sentence is grammatical but semantically strange.
  10. (phonology) Used to indicate a word boundary.


Derived termsEdit

  • (small form variant)
  • # #

Coordinate termsEdit

  • (to pad a quotation on Usenet): > (for a quotation not necessarily from a manual or official source)

Usage notesEdit


  • (chess): ++



The symbol # derives from the abbreviation lb for Latin libra ‎(pound), via the medieval convention of indicating abbreviations with a bar, .


# ‎(plural # or #s)

  1. (food packaging, US) Pound (unit of weight)
    3# — "three pounds"
  2. (followed by a numeral: used attributively) Number
    #3 — "number three"

Related termsEdit


  • (number): no.

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