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Words to addEdit

/èlalukalchik/ those who are hired (from èlalukalit?)

    • ahpamska (root) walk around ahpam-ska (subordinative ->ahpamska)
    • àskën it is raw, it is ripe
    • pëmskan (root) to walk past, walk by
    • askàntàmën (root) to eat something raw
    • chiskàntàmën to lick it
    • ehasuwit na singer, one who sings (pl-ehasuwichik singers, choir
    • asuwi (root) to sing [can be grammatical following preverb E.g. nkata-asuwi

Also from this form are /èlasuwit/ the way he sings ; /tëlasuwin/ the way he sings, what he sings ; ènta lasuwit - (the way he sings). asuwakàn - song hitaosuwit- skilled singer

/ --similiarly [chìpi le|it does strange things, it is dangerous, strange times

tënuyëma-his brother