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Hello, I'm Twurl (/twɜːrl/).

To-do listEdit

  • Create pages for all of the SI prefixes applied to the litre and their respective symbols
  • Ensure the US and British English spellings (e.g. millilitre and milliliter) link each other as alternative forms
  • Ensure both symbol variants (e.g. ml and mL) link each other as alternative forms
Multiple Name Symbols Equivalent volume Submultiple Name Symbols Equivalent volume
100 L litre, liter l L dm3 cubic decimetre    
101 L decalitre, decaliter dal daL 101 dm3 ten cubic decimetres 10−1 L decilitre, deciliter dl dL 102 cm3 hundred cubic centimetres
102 L hectolitre, hectoliter hl hL 102 dm3 hundred cubic decimetres 10−2 L centilitre, centiliter cl cL 101 cm3 ten cubic centimetres
103 L kilolitre, kiloliter kl kL m3 cubic metre 10−3 L millilitre, milliliter ml mL cm3 cubic centimetre
106 L megalitre, megaliter Ml ML dam3 cubic decametre 10−6 L microlitre, microliter μl μL mm3 cubic millimetre
109 L gigalitre, gigaliter Gl GL hm3 cubic hectometre 10−9 L nanolitre, nanoliter nl nL 106 μm3 million cubic micrometres
1012 L teralitre, teraliter Tl TL km3 cubic kilometre 10−12 L picolitre, picoliter pl pL 103 μm3 thousand cubic micrometres
1015 L petalitre, petaliter Pl PL 103 km3 thousand cubic kilometres 10−15 L femtolitre, femtoliter fl fL μm3 cubic micrometre
1018 L exalitre, exaliter El EL 106 km3 million cubic kilometres 10−18 L attolitre, attoliter al aL 106 nm3 million cubic nanometres
1021 L zettalitre, zettaliter Zl ZL Mm3 cubic megametre 10−21 L zeptolitre, zeptoliter zl zL 103 nm3 thousand cubic nanometres
1024 L yottalitre, yottaliter Yl YL 103 Mm3 thousand cubic megametres 10−24 L yoctolitre, yoctoliter yl yL nm3 cubic nanometre