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Word of the day
for February 25
waterworks n (plural only)
  1. The water supply system of a district, town, city, or other place, including reservoirs, pipes, and pumps.
  2. (treated as singular) Any single facility, such as a filtration plant or pumping station, within such a system.
  3. (figuratively)
    1. (informal) Often in the form turn on the waterworks: crying or tears, especially in a way that is considered manipulative or over-emotional.
    2. (informal) Rain.
    3. (Britain, euphemistic) The genitourinary system.
  4. (historical, treated as singular) A hydraulic apparatus by which a supply of water is furnished for ornamental purposes; also, an ornamental fountain or waterfall.
  5. (construction, archaic) Engineering works relating to the conveyance and flow of fluids (principally water), such as the collection and distribution of water, drainage, irrigation, etc.
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