From the verb act.


  • IPA(key): /ˈæk.tɪŋ/
  • (file)


acting (not comparable)

  1. Temporarily assuming the duties or authority of another person when they are unable to do their job.
    The Acting Minister must sign Executive Council documents in a Minister's absence.
    Acting President of the United States is a temporary office in the government of the United States.


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  1. present participle of act


acting (countable and uncountable, plural actings)

  1. (countable, obsolete) An action or deed.
    • 1685, Herbert Croft, Some Animadversions upon a book intituled, The Theory of the Earth, London, Preface,[1]
      [] he does so much magnifie Nature and her Actings in all this material World, as he gives just cause of suspicion that he hath made her a kind of joynt Deess with God in the Affairs thereof;
    • 1722, Daniel Defoe, A Journal of the Plague Year, London: E. Nutt et al., p. 10,[2]
      [] I desire this Account may pass with them, rather for a Direction to themselves to act by, than a History of my actings,
  2. (law) Something done by a party — so called to avoid confusion with the legal senses of deed and action.
  3. Pretending.
  4. (drama) The occupation of an actor.