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baby face (plural baby faces)

  1. A face, often chubby, resembling that of a baby; a youthful face.
  2. (often derogatory) A person having such a face, especially a young man having a beardless appearance.
    • 9 October 2018, A. A. Dowd, AV Club The star and director of La La Land reunite for First Man’s spectacular trip to the moon [1]
      The astronauts, played here by an ensemble of square jaws and baby faces (including Jason Clarke, Patrick Fugit, Christopher Abbott, Ethan Embry, and Corey Stoll as a hilariously tactless Buzz Aldrin), had to be scientists and athletes, subjecting themselves to spinning, nausea-provoking simulators one day, basic rocket physics the next.
  3. (slang, professional wrestling) A headlining wrestler regarded as a "good guy," especially one who is handsome and well-conditioned.


  • (headlining wrestler): heel