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From Middle English *boke-merk, *boke-merke (attested only in the bare form merk (bookmark)), equivalent to book +‎ mark. Cognate with Danish bogmærke (bookmark), Swedish bokmärke (bookmark), Norwegian bokmerke (bookmark), Icelandic bókamerki (bookmark). Eclipsed non-native Old English æstel (bookmark), from Old Irish astal, from Latin hastula (little spear, splint).

Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): /ˈbʊk.mɑː(ɹ)k/
  • (file)

Noun edit

bookmark (plural bookmarks)

  1. A strip of material used to mark a place in a book.
  2. (computing) A record of the address of a file or Internet page, serving as a shortcut to it.
    Synonym: favourites
  3. (databases) A pointer found in a nonclustered index to a row in a clustered index or a table heap

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Verb edit

bookmark (third-person singular simple present bookmarks, present participle bookmarking, simple past and past participle bookmarked)

  1. (computing, transitive) To create a bookmark.

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