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From short +‎ cut.

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shortcut (plural shortcuts)

  1. A path between two points that is faster than the commonly used paths.
  2. A method to accomplish something that omits one or more steps.
    • 2021 November 3, “Network News: EMR changes claims process”, in RAIL, number 943, page 15:
      East Midlands Railway is introducing new shortcuts for claiming compensation in the event of late-running services.
  3. (computing, in the Microsoft family of operating systems) A file that points to the location of another file and serves as a quick way to access it.
    There are shortcuts to some of my favourite applications on my desktop.
  4. A keyboard shortcut: a combination of keystrokes that provides easier access to a command or operation.

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shortcut (third-person singular simple present shortcuts, present participle shortcutting, simple past and past participle shortcutted or shortcut)

  1. To take or use a shortcut

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