• (US) IPA(key): /ˈbɒti/
  • (file)

Etymology 1Edit

Clipping of bottom +‎ -y.


botty (plural botties)

  1. (childish, slang) bottom
    • 2010, Zorba Tocks, The Taming of the Twins and a Selection of Illustrated Limericks:
      There once was a soft luscious botty,
      That was spanked very hard and a lotty.
      Until one day,
      In the month of May,
      It was black and blue and looked grotty.
Derived termsEdit

Etymology 2Edit

bot +‎ -y


botty (plural botties)

  1. (informal, rare, computing) A term of address for a bot (automated software process).
    Bye bye, botty.


botty (comparative more botty, superlative most botty)

  1. (informal, rare, computing) Resembling a bot (automated software process); botlike.
    That email seemed pretty botty; it probably shouldn't be trusted.

Etymology 3Edit

Compare boot, booting for shoot, shooting


botty (plural botties)

  1. (MLE, slang) Alternative form of shotty, alternative form of dotty (shotgun).
    • 2017 August 4, “Sticks and Stones”‎[1], performed by Zone 2 (Kwengface x Trizzac x PS):
      Sticks and Stones may break my bones
      Not when I back this botty
    • 2020 October 17, “Ying Yang”, performed by #TNB MA x Mighty1 x Di, 1:48 and from 2:55:
      Stepped in a rave with ying and yang, that’s me and bro with the botties
      Ride around in the back of a cab, that’s me and this thing from Tottie