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A bowler (bowling)

From bowl +‎ -er.

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bowler (plural bowlers)

  1. (bowling) One who engages in the sport of bowling.
  2. (cricket) The player currently bowling.
  3. (cricket) A player selected mainly for his bowling ability.
  4. (baseball, slang, 1800s) The pitcher.
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Man wearing a bowler.

From the name of the hatmakers Thomas and William Bowler, associated with early production.

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bowler (plural bowlers)

  1. A bowler hat; a round black hat formerly popular among British businessmen.
    Synonym: (US) derby
    • 1929, Baldwyn Dyke Acland, chapter 2, in Filibuster[1]:
      “One marble hall, with staircase complete, one butler and three flunkeys to receive a retired sojer who dares to ring the bell. D'you know, old boy, I gave my bowler to the butler, whangee to one flunkey, gloves to another, and there was the fourth poor blighter looking like an orphan at a Mothers' Meeting. …"
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