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A pull-out cutting board beneath a counter.
An electronic circuit breadboard.

Alternative formsEdit


From bread +‎ board.


breadboard (plural breadboards)

  1. A cutting board, especially for cutting bread.
  2. A pull-out cutting board underneath a counter, found in many kitchens.
  3. (electronics) A reusable solderless device used to build a (usually temporary) prototype of an electronic circuit and for experimenting with circuit designs.

Derived termsEdit



breadboard (third-person singular simple present breadboards, present participle breadboarding, simple past and past participle breadboarded)

  1. (transitive) To set up (an electronic device) on a breadboard.
    • 1990, Delton T. Horn, 49 electronic 6-volt projects, page 9:
      If the breadboarded circuit operates incorrectly or erratically, try relocating some of the components.
    • 1998, Jim Williams, The Art and Science of Analog Circuit Design, page 114:
      There are many commercial breadboarding systems, but almost all of them are designed to facilitate the breadboarding of digital systems, where noise immunities are hundreds of millivolts or more.