From bubble +‎ -y.


  • IPA(key): /ˈbʌbli/, /ˈbʌbəli/
  • (file)


bubbly (comparative bubblier, superlative bubbliest)

  1. Full of bubbles.
    Whip the egg white into a bubbly froth.
  2. (informal) Cheerful, lively.
    Synonyms: ebullient, perky (similar image)
    She has a bubbly personality.
  3. Having the characteristics of bubbles.
    The architecture of the conservatory was bubbly.
  4. (economics) Having the characteristics of economic bubbles.
    • 2011 July 2, Iana Dreyer, “China’s coming era of slower growth: Are western economies prepared?”, in East Asia Forum[1]:
      China’s economy is too bubbly and will soon slow down.



bubbly (countable and uncountable, plural bubblies)

  1. (informal) Champagne.
    Synonyms: champers, fizz, shampoo
    We're getting married–this calls for a bottle of bubbly!
    • 2007, L. A. Banks, The Cursed, St. Martin's Griffin (→ISBN)
      [] Maybe some bubbly for the ladies, since we just bought the house of life, and break camp . . . since they are very appreciative that things got wrapped up so fast.”


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