cross the line



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cross the line (third-person singular simple present crosses the line, present participle crossing the line, simple past and past participle crossed the line)

  1. (idiomatic) To overstep a boundary, rule, or limit; to go too far or do something unacceptable.
    Synonyms: go too far, overstep the mark
    I can tolerate a lot, but they really crossed the line when they broke the equipment.
    • 2020, “Monkey Business”, in Hotspot, performed by Pet Shop Boys:
      Bring me margaritas, champagne and red wine / We're gonna have a party / Where we all cross the line
  2. To finish a race.
  3. To achieve completion of something.
  4. To cross the equator, as a vessel at sea.
  5. (cinematography) To film from the opposite side of an imaginary axis on set in order to view the actors from the opposite direction.


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