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From Latin dolēre, from Proto-Italic *doleō (hurt, cause pain), from Proto-Indo-European *dolh₁éyeti (divide), from *delh₁- (cut).

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  • IPA(key): /doˈ
  • Rhymes: -ere
  • Hyphenation: do‧lé‧re

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dolére (first-person singular present dòlgo, first-person singular past historic dòlsi, past participle dolùto, first-person singular future dorrò, auxiliary èssere or (uncommon) avére) (intransitive) [+ a (object)] [auxiliary essere or (uncommon) avere]

  1. to hurt, to ache (of a body part)
  2. to cause pain (of a wound, injection, etc.)
  3. to regret, to lament

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Including lesser-used forms:

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  1. second-person singular present passive subjunctive of dolō
  2. present active infinitive of doleō