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From Old French epyphanie, from Late Latin epiphania, from Ancient Greek ἐπιφάνεια (epipháneia, manifestation, striking appearance), from ἐπιφαίνω (epiphaínō, I appear, display), from ἐπί (epí, upon) + φαίνω (phaínō, I shine, appear). English Epiphany (of Christ) since the 14th century, generic use since the 17th century.



epiphany (plural epiphanies)

  1. A manifestation or appearance of a divine or superhuman being.
  2. An illuminating realization or discovery, often resulting in a personal feeling of elation, awe, or wonder.
  3. (Christianity) Season or time of the Christian church year either from the Epiphany feast day to Shrove Tuesday (the day before Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent) or from the Epiphany feast day to the feast of the Presentation of Christ in the Temple (see Epiphany).


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