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foame f

  1. Alternative form of foami



From Latin famēs, from Proto-Indo-European *dʰH- (to disappear). Compare Galician fame, French faim, Italian fame and Portuguese fome. The Romanian phonetic development was unusual in this case, with the diphthong -oa- normally resulting from a Latin -o-; however, compare the aforementioned Portuguese term, as well as Dalmatian fum and Romansh fom. The development in Romanian has garnered numerous explanations, neither of which are certain: some have attempted to explain it through influence from a derivative, atonal form, such as fometos < *fămetos, or, given the presence of the related foamete, possibly from confusion with the unrelated Latin fōmes, fōmitem (tinder) (note the parallelism between this and iască (tinder), from ēsca (food)); a somewhat similar phonetic occurrence is also found in words like înota (cf. also Italian nuotare)[1].


foame f (uncountable)

  1. hunger
    Mi-e foame.
    I'm hungry.
    Te rog, -mi niște mâncare pentru mor de foame.
    Please, give me some food because I'm dying of hunger.


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