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The origin of this word has not been fully explained. It may have been derived from the same stem as the (dated) verb galēt ‎(to kill) (cf. dzelt ‎(to sting), derived from another grade of the same stem), so that it would have originally meant “stabbed, killed, slaughtered (animal).” A different hypothesis is that gaļa is cognate with Russian голый ‎(gólyj, naked), its original meaning having been “naked (= skinned) flesh, meat.” Either way, gaļa has replaced in this sense the word miesa, formerly “meat,” now specifically “(human) flesh.” Cognates include Sudovian fała (probably misspelled *gala).[1]




gaļa f (4th declension)

  1. meat (food obtained from the flesh of slaughtered animals)
    cūkas, aitas, jēra gaļa‎ ― pig, sheep, lamb meat (i.e. pork, mutton, lamb)
    vērša, liellopu gaļa‎ ― ox, cattle meat (i.e. beef)
    zivju gaļa‎ ― fish meat
    trekna, liesa gaļa‎ ― fatty, lean meat
    jēla, zaļa gaļa‎ ― raw, green (i.e. raw) meat
    cepta, vārīta, žāvēta gaļa‎ ― fried, boiled, dried meat
    malta gaļa‎ ― minced meat
    gaļas šķēle‎ ― meat slice
    gaļas kvalitāte‎ ― meat quality
    sālīt, sautēt gaļu‎ ― to salt, to stew meat
    kāposti, pīrāgs ar gaļu‎ ― cabbage, pastry (pirogi) with meat
    gaļas ražošana, rūpniecība‎ ― meat production, industry
    truša gaļu, tāpat kā teļa gaļu, organisms viegli izmanto... ar savu maigo un patīkamo garšu tā atgādina vistas gaļu
    rabbit meat, like veal (lit. calf meat), can be easily utilized (i.e. digested) by the (human) organism... with its mild and pleasant taste, it is reminiscent of chicken meat
  2. (in the genitive, used adjectivally) meat (containing meat, cooked or prepared with meat)
    gaļas produkti‎ ― meat products
    gaļas buljons, zupa‎ ― meat broth, soup
    gaļas mērce‎ ― meat sauce
    gaļas kotletes, pīrāgi‎ ― meatballs, pastry (pirogi)
    gaļas konservi‎ ― canned meat
  3. (in the genitive, used adjectivally, of animals) meat (from which one obtains meat; reared in order to produce meat)
    gaļas cūka, govs‎ ― meat pig, cow
    gaļas lopi‎ ― meat cattle
    gaļas cāļi‎ ― meat chicks (i.e. chicken)
  4. meat, flesh (animal muscular and adipose tissue; also, colloquially, human flesh, usually miesa)
    gaļas olbaltumvielas‎ ― meat protein
    kur gaļa, tur kauli; kur āda, tur spalva
    where (there is) meat, (there are) bones; where (there is) skin, (there is) fur
    mans ievainojums nav smags, bet lode iedzinusi no šineļa gaļā vilnas piku
    my wound is not heavy (i.e. serious), but the bullet drove in a lump of wool from the coat into (my) meat (or flesh)
  5. (rare) meat, flesh (soft, juicy part of a fruit)
    auglis (parastajai mandelei) no sāniem saspiests olveida kaulenis ar ādainu gaļu
    the fruit (of the common almond tree) is, from the side, a compressed oval drupe with leathery flesh



(of "flesh"): miesa

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