gaden c

  1. singular definite of gade



From Middle Dutch gaden, from Old Dutch *gadon, from Proto-Germanic *gadōną.


gaden ‎(past singular gaadde, past participle gegaad)

  1. (obsolete) to fit
  2. (obsolete) to correspond
  3. (obsolete) to belong with


Inflection of gaden (weak)
infinitive gaden
past singular gaadde
past participle gegaad
infinitive gaden
gerund gaden n
verbal noun
present tense past tense
1st person singular gaad gaadde
2nd person sing. (jij) gaadt gaadde
2nd person sing. (u) gaadt gaadde
2nd person sing. (gij) gaadt gaadde
3rd person singular gaadt gaadde
plural gaden gaadden
subjunctive sing.1 gade gaadde
subjunctive plur.1 gaden gaadden
imperative sing. gaad
imperative plur.1 gaadt
participles gadend gegaad
1) Archaic.

Derived termsEdit

Tok PisinEdit


English garden



  1. garden
    • 1989, Buk Baibel long Tok Pisin, Bible Society of Papua New Guinea, Genesis 2:5 (translation here):
      ...i no gat diwai na gras samting i kamap long graun yet, long wanem, em i no salim ren i kam daun yet. Na i no gat man bilong wokim gaden.
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