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get at (third-person singular simple present gets at, present participle getting at, simple past got at, past participle (UK) got at or (US) gotten at)

  1. To manage to gain access to.
    I have a lot of money in my trust fund. I just can't get at it.
  2. To understand or ascertain by investigation.
    We need to get at the root cause of all this.
  3. To mean, signify.
    I don't understand. What are you getting at?
    Synonym: drive at
  4. To attack verbally or physically; to annoy, bother.
    He's a bit disheartened. The newspapers have been getting at him again.
    My cat was badly injured after the neighbour's dog got at her.
  5. To persuade by intimidation, to tamper with.
    That was a ridiculous verdict. I think the jury was got at.
  6. (slang) To contact someone.
    I've got some things to do for about an hour. After that, get at me.

Derived termsEdit