Zhuang edit

Pronunciation edit

Etymology 1 edit

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Verb edit

hangz (Sawndip forms or or or 𰈙, 1957–1982 spelling haŋƨ)

  1. to abuse; to bully
  2. to threaten; to menace; to scare
    Synonyms: haep, hag, hwk, (dialectal) ha

Etymology 2 edit

From Proto-Tai *ɢaːŋᴬ (chin; jaw). Cognate with Bouyei haangz, Thai คาง (kaang), Northern Thai ᨣᩤ᩠ᨦ, Lao ຄາງ (khāng), ᦅᦱᧂ (kaang), Tai Dam ꪁꪱꪉ, Shan ၵၢင်း (káang), Ahom 𑜀𑜂𑜫 (kaṅ). Compare Proto-Mon-Khmer *kaaŋʔ (chin; jaw), Muong cáng.

Noun edit

hangz (Sawndip forms 𱌩 or or , 1957–1982 spelling haŋƨ)

  1. chin; lower jaw
    Synonyms: (dialectal) giemzhangz, (dialectal) hangzbaz, (dialectal) hangzngak

Etymology 3 edit

From Chinese (MC hang).

Noun edit

hangz (1957–1982 spelling haŋƨ)

  1. row; line; queue
  2. market
  3. industry; trade; profession

Classifier edit

hangz (1957–1982 spelling haŋƨ)

  1. row; line (of things)
    Synonym: (dialectal) gangz

Etymology 4 edit

From Chinese (MC haengH).

Verb edit

hangz (1957–1982 spelling haŋƨ)

  1. to tack (a quilt)