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See also: cang, cáng, câng, cāng, cảng, cẳng, and cǎng




càng (Zhuyin ㄘㄤˋ)

  1. Pinyin transcription of



Etymology 1Edit

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càng (, , )

  1. With a comparative or verb phrase, establishes a parallel with one or more other such comparatives.
    Bản nhạc càng nghe càng thấy hay.
    The song sounds better the more you listen to it.
    khó khăn càng nhiều, quyết tâm càng cao
    to be more determined the harder it gets
  2. all the more, all the less
    Có gió, lửa càng bốc to.
    With wind, fire rages all the more.

Etymology 2Edit

From Proto-Vietic *gaːŋ (crab pincers).


càng (, 𫋙, , , )

  1. nipper, pincer
  2. large, strong hind leg of a locust, grasshopper, or cricket; jumping leg
  3. shaft (one of the handles of a tool, or one of the poles between which an animal is harnessed to a vehicle)
    càng xe bò
    oxcart shaft
    càng pháo
    tay càng của kìm cộng lực
    bolt cutter handles
  4. (slang) wing mirror (of a motorcycle)