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hodo- +‎ -phobic


hodophobic (comparative more hodophobic, superlative most hodophobic)

  1. (neurology) Tending not to form branches.
    • 1968, Geoffrey Howard Bourne, The Structure and Function of Nervous Tissue, page 234:
      The dendrites of the pontine neurons are not as hodophobic as those of the inferior olivary nucleus.
    • 2000, Anna Robak, “The neuronal structure of the mamillary nuclei in guinea pig: Nissl, Klüver-Barrera and Golgi studies”, in Folia morphologica, volume 59, number 2:
      This dendritic pattern corresponds to the hodophobic tendencies of allodendritic neurons found in the analogue nucleus of cat [22], but in the guinea pig these neurons are weakly branched.
  2. Pathologically afraid of travel.
    • 1995, Mademoiselle: The Magazine for the Smart Young Woman - Volume 101:
      Estimates of the number of hodophobic Americans—ranging from those who drive, ride or fly with white knuckles to those who don't travel at all-run as high as 10 percent of the population.
    • 1995, Maureen Stapleton, A Hell of a Life: An Autobiography, page 249:
      Everybody, including the hodophobic, inebriated Maureen Stapleton, arrived in New York very, very happy.
    • 1999, Automobile - Volume 14, page 75:
      Your significant other gets hodophobic (fear of road travel).