Emilian edit

Pronunciation edit

Adjective edit

 m pl

  1. masculine plural of kál

Usage notes edit

  • Becomes k- before a vowel.

Jemez edit

Noun edit

(class I)

  1. seed

References edit

  • Marianne Mithun, The Languages of Native North America

Vietnamese edit

Pronunciation edit

Alternative forms edit

Etymology 1 edit

Sino-Vietnamese word from (to record; to sign). Doublet of ghi.

Verb edit

  1. to sign (to write one's signature)

Suffix edit

  1. a written record or chronicle
    Sáng Thế Ký
    Xuất Ê-díp-tô Ký

Etymology 2 edit

Clipping of kilogram or kilowatt.

Noun edit

  1. (colloquial) kilogram
  2. (colloquial) kilowatt
Synonyms edit