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Particularly: “There're some intriguing Trans-Himalayan comparanda, most notably Tibetan ཁྱབ (khyab, to become widespread, to pervade, to fill, to cover) (its cognate Chinese (OC *[k]ˤap-s) is certainly not the source), but then the iconicity of this word shape and its spread all over the language families in the region makes it hard to be sure.”

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khắp (, , , 𬩢, )

  1. all over; throughout
    Loài bướm này phân bố khắp châu Âu.
    The species of this butterfly is distributed throughout Europe.
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Possibly from Sino-Tibetan, but both the initial and coda are hard to explain.

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  1. (probably obsolete, chiefly pig traders' cant) seven

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(numerals in pig traders' cant) số đếm trong tiếng lóng lái lợn; chách (one), lái/nái (two), thâm (three), chớ (four), kẹo (five), mục (six), khắp/hấp (seven), bét (eight), khươm/khơm (nine), nạp/lạp (ten), (Category: vi:Numerals in pig traders' cant)