mark down

See also: markdown



mark down (third-person singular simple present marks down, present participle marking down, simple past and past participle marked down) (transitive)

  1. To reduce the price of.
  2. To write a memorandum about.
  3. To subtract marks or points from, for an error.
    The writing is good, but I had to mark you down for failing to cite references.
  4. To write down. (Can we add an example for this sense?)
  5. (transitive) To draw a conclusion about something; to consider something to be a certain way. (Typically used with as.)
    • 2012. Bill Comeau, The Tao of Pokey, "The Hymn of Hope", pg 9.
      They could not take what he'd become / and mark him down as free, / and so they trapped him with his dream / and nailed him to a tree.