no fear



no fear

  1. Don't worry, no worries.
    • 1918, Mary Austin, The Trail Book:
      "No fear," he said. "Every man will know his own when I come to the Council."
  2. (Britain, dated) No way; absolutely not.
    • 1904, M. R. James, Ghost Stories of an Antiquary:
      "Why, did you show him up some rot?"
      "No fear," he said.
    • 1947, Dorothy L. Sayers, Creed or Chaos:
      Q: Will thou be baptized in this faith?
      A: No fear!
    • 1992, The Animals of Farthing Wood, episode 2
      Toad: You should take up swimming!
      Rabbit: No fear, toad!

Usage notesEdit

The two senses of the phrase are more or less antonymic: one can express a desire for something to proceed, while the other usually expresses a desire for something not to proceed. Since the phrase is a contranym, care should be taken to avoid ambiguity or confusion.