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From Latin octavo. Doublet of octave, oitava, and ochava.

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octavo (plural octavos)

  1. (paper, printing) A sheet of paper 7 to 10 inches (= 17.78 to 25.4 cm) high and 4.5 to 6 inches (= 11.43 to 15.24 cm) wide, the size varying with the large original sheet used to create it. It is made by folding the original sheet three times to produce eight leaves.
  2. (printing) A book of octavo pages.
    • 1909 [1793], Benjamin Franklin, edited by Charles W. Eliot, LL.D., The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin (The Harvard Classics; 1), U.S.A.: P. F. Collier & Son Corporation, published 1937, page 8:
      He was also much of a politician; too much, perhaps, for his station. There fell lately into my hands, in London, a collection he had made of all the principal pamphlets, relating to public affairs, from 1641 to 1717; many of the volumes are wanting as appears by the numbering, but there still remain eight volumes in folio, and twenty-four in quarto and in octavo.

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English paper and book sizes
Latin folio quarto sexto octavo duodecimo sextodecimo octodecimo vicesimo-quarto trigesimo-secundo quadragesimo-octavo sexagesimo-quarto
ALA F Q   O D S T   Tt Fe Sf
height (cm) > 30 25-30 25-30 20-25 17.5-20 15-17.5 12.5-15 12.5-15 10-12.5 7.5-10 < 7.5
printers' folio quarto sixmo octavo twelvemo sixteenmo eighteenmo twenty-fourmo thirty-twomo forty-eightmo sixty-fourmo
abbrev. fo or f 4to 6to or 6mo 8vo 12mo 16mo 18mo 24mo 32mo 48mo 64mo
abbrev. 12º 16º 18º 24º 32º 48º 64º
<<   bigger       smaller   >>

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  1. neuter of octavu

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  • (file)

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  1. eighthly

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  1. dative/ablative masculine/neuter singular of octāvus

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Spanish numbers (edit)
[a], [b] ←  7 8 9  → 
    Cardinal: ocho
    Ordinal: octavo
    Ordinal abbreviation: 8.º
    Multiplier: óctuple
    Fractional: octavo

Etymology edit

Borrowed from Latin octāvus. Compare the inherited form ochavo.

Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): /oɡˈtabo/ [oɣ̞ˈt̪a.β̞o]
  • Rhymes: -abo
  • Syllabification: oc‧ta‧vo

Adjective edit

octavo (feminine octava, masculine plural octavos, feminine plural octavas)

  1. (ordinal number) eighth

Noun edit

octavo m (plural octavos)

  1. (fractional number) eighth

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